ลูกเจ็บ แต่คนเป็นแม่อย่างเราเจ็บกว่าร้อยเท่าพันเท่า...

"When the child hurts, the mother hurts much more..."

     I was originally from Loei and I brought my 9-month-old son who had SGS (Subglottic stenosis) to Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health. The first time I saw Tracheostomy on my baby, I was deeply in pain and I wanted to feel this pain instead of my baby. When the child hurts, the mother hurts more thousand times. When he was in pain, I would like to take care of him intimately. I was referred by nurses to stay at Ronald McDonald House so I had a chance to stay at this warm welcome house. During my stay at the house, other families with children under medical treatment also encouraged one another all the time and it made me feel less worried about my son.



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